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Growth is a slow process nothing comes handy and nothing is impossible. But remember, to get success you should have an ideal mentor and Guru which can assist you when you are in trouble. The same thing is related to your Yoga teacher or Yoga mentor. You should be humble, be patient, believe in yourself, and trust the process to achieve the goals.

We go out in the real world looking for qualities we thought a  yoga teacher would have which we have thought of in the virtual world. But being an ideal yoga teacher or finding an ideal mentor for yoga is a really crucial thing. It is from one individual to another how they fit your expectation or not.

Now suppose you have joined or going to join Yoga classes in the future and you need to analyze your Yoga Guru, you should keep these points in your mind and have a basic criterion of what qualities a yoga teacher should have.  This blog is not only for the people who are going to learn yoga but also it is important for the yoga teachers also. Yoga mentors or yoga trainers can evaluate themselves and can know what needs to become the best yoga teacher.

We at Indian Yoga School a unit of Yoga360, are going to explain these yoga teacher qualities in seven points, here we go:

           1. A good yoga mentor is understanding

As a person, a yoga guru gets you of what you are and what you are like and which helps in laying out a foundation of your initial trust in each other. He/she understands you to a level that you are comfortable in sharing your fears, your achievements. A wholesome level of understanding gives away for a long route together is leads to a beautiful and successful journey.

          2. They are not your best friends

Yes, you read it right. A Yoga teacher is not your best friend. He/she is the person who can be as close to a best friend to you and mean the world to you but this does not make them your best friend. They’ll guide you. Be there for you. They are the ray of hope or the light which sparks by the end of the tunnel. They are absolutely shining armor for you in your difficult times. But there is a fine line between a good mentor and a best friend which a teacher should know how to well maintain it.

          3. Experience

This word is very easy to understand but the meaning lies in-depth. A good yoga mentor is going to be experienced and the one who has learned over the years what books can’t teach but experience speaks for him/her. It is the finest quality to be in a mentor.

            4. A good mentor doesn’t turn him/her into themselves

Every single soul has its own path to follow which isn’t outlaid us. Our milestones from being small to biggest ones are our own and define us. Two people can never have ideal and similar milestones. The same is understandable by a good mentor. He/she won’t try to turn you into them for all the possible reasons.

            5. A mentor has their own mentors/ teachers

This is turning the table upside down. Have a question how? A good mentor is always reflecting on their Gurus and life learning lessons. Listening to these will give you zeal and make you learn more and well-defined learning and which will lead to better growth. It will give you faith and good things to hold on too.

          6. Learn from own mistakes

The best yoga mentor is always going to turn your world upside down if he/she teaches you how to deal with the life he’s a life savior. One can learn the most from their mistakes and to embed this quality in your life is like getting hold of your good times.

          7. Faithful and honest

If you have a mentor who has faith in you and tells his/her honest opinion then you have got a blessing in disguise. I tell you it is the best quality to have them of all.

Hope you guys like this article and share it with others to help them out.  If we have missed any point or quality a yoga teacher should have then you can tell us via dropping an email to support@indianyoga.school we’ll try to include your suggestion here in the blog.

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