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Best Yoga Teacher training course in the Indian Yoga School

At the Indian Yoga School, the ancient art of yoga is the centre of everything that we do.

Our domain is Indian yoga school and under this, our chain of state-of-the-art yoga studios is named Yoga360 Studios.

We practice what we preach, live, breathe and practice yoga every day. Our beliefs are in accordance with the traditional, classical yoga teachings of the Sage Patanjali and other ancient scriptures on yoga.

We are also a registered yoga school with Yoga Alliance and conduct RYS 200, RYS 300 and RYS 500 teacher training courses which are some of the best yoga teacher training courses in India.

Our Yoga Schools in India are present in major Indian cultural centers such as Gokarna, Bengaluru, Mysuru, Hampi, Varkala. Indian Yoga School is also present in Mauritius for Yoga retreats and Yoga workshops and at Nepal Pokhara for the finest of Himalayan Yoga retreat , Yoga teacher training courses in india and Yoga workshops.

Whether we are teaching individuals, groups or corporates, what we teach at Yoga360 is very much in keeping with the adage ‘practice what you preach.’ We live honestly and simply for > Body > Mind > Spirit.

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course In India

Our 200 hour yoga teacher training course had been carefully designed for beginner and intermediate yoga practitioners who would like to turn their practice into a professional calling.

It is a recognised and certified residential course by Yoga Alliance and is carried out across a duration of approximately 28 days.

Through the course, you will learn traditional Hatha and Ashtanga yoga teaching methodology. We place emphasis on alignment and balancing as well as yoga philosophy, meditation, breathwork or pranayama, yoga anatomy and mantra chanting.

On completion of the course, you are awarded a certificate which you can register with the Yoga Alliance so that you can be a Registered Yoga Teacher 200 or RYT 200.

300 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course In India

The 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course is for practitioners who want to receive their 500 hour yoga teacher training certification. Having a 200 teacher training certification for any registered school is the minimum requirement to enrol in this course.

It is a residential course with experienced Yoga Alliance registered teachers and furthers the learning from the 200 hour course. The teaching is a healthy combination of styles from Hatha to Iyengar to Ashtanga. There is an emphasis on Mudra, Bandha, layers of Pranayama, various meditation techniques, balancing, and alignment, Chakras, and kundalini, Mantra, etc.

On completion of the course, participants receive their RYT300 which, in conjunction with the RYT200, brings their experience level up to RYT500.

500 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course In India

The 500-hour yoga teacher training course is for students and practitioners who wish to advance their practice profoundly. It encompasses all the course content of the 200 and 300-hour courses to comprise a composite course that will make you a competent teacher and practitioner.

It takes place over approximately two months after which you will be awarded a certificate which is Yoga Alliance accredited. The course is conducted by highly experienced teachers and delves into yoga alignment, balance, asanas, yoga therapy and an in-depth look at yoga philosophy and yoga studies.

In addition to these yoga teacher training courses, we conduct a number of workshops on Hatha yoga, Ashtanga yoga, and yoga Nidra, which are all integral aspects of the yogic practice. Furthermore, if you are looking for Pranayama and meditation workshops and yoga retreats in India, we have offerings in that respect as well.

This selection of offerings also includes yoga retreats as well as Ayurvedic retreats across India and the world.

Our teachers for all yoga courses and yoga retreats are highly qualified and have years of teaching experience in the yoga teachers training course, which ensures the highest quality of learning.

These are individuals who have immersed themselves deeply in the yogic practice and are profoundly spiritual as well as well versed in communicating these concepts to students of all levels. They are veterans of the gurukul system of education that was prevalent in ancient India and they are recognized as true yogis from the finest ashrams and monasteries.

They have lent their presence to yoga festivals, retreats, workshops, courses and more. We also expose our students to the best practices in yoga marketing taught by dynamic entrepreneurs from top business schools.

Some notable teachers from our exclusive yoga teacher training course faculty are Abhinavsiddaruda, Swami Atmananada, Vijith Pavi, Annamalai Prana Ji (Swami), Deepa Ji, Krishna Manasa, Kavitha Hangargi, Bhavini, Manisha, Yogacharya Deepu, Yogacharya Deepak, Yoga Master Ashish and Vaishali. Many of them are from Rishikesh, India’s yoga capital.

They are all from deeply spiritual backgrounds and have been steeped in piousness and the yogic arts and into the spiritual yoga from a young age, in addition to being passionate about propagating yogic studies and spiritual yoga course. Thus the quality of teaching the yoga teacher training course and the depth of knowledge combines to make for a formidable faculty.

So, we have good reason to say that our offerings are among the best Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher training course in India.

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