Benefits of Yoga for Health and well being

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Yoga Benefits for Health

You do not really want a reason to learn yoga and fitness exercises. Yoga and meditation has been considered as a potential source to overcome sorrow, pain, agony and anxiety. From ages we’ve been listening abut yoga and its forms to reduce stress levels and to increase the release of positive hormones in our body.  Off late, yoga has been considered as a progressive medication for those who are mentally and physically ill.

However, the improvements might take a little time. There was a research made that about 7.5% of U.S. adults showed interest in learning yoga. Infact, this figure shows that this many number of individuals attempted yoga at least once. In another survey, almost 5% people in the U.S rehearsed yoga in the earlier year.

Yoga for Mind and Body –

In case you're an enthusiastic yoga expert, and you are very keen in making this form of art a priority of your life; then you must be aware of the benefits yoga does to your mind and body. Scientifically, it has been proven that yoga has several benefits on your body, mind and health. Masses from all over the world are getting aware about this ancient practice. This is the only reason; International Yoga Day is celebrated worldwide on 21st June.

Yoga has benefitted many people suffering from severe and acute illness. This has also been claimed by renowned doctors. People have been cured from various mental illness and physical illness.

Some common benefits of yoga on your health and body:

  • A very common change that yoga brings to yours body is that it makes it flexible.
  • Another very common benefit is that you get rid of all the aches and pains.
  • You get rid of cold and influenza.
  • Your digestion improves thus allowing the food to digest easily. 
  • It builds, improves and strengthens your immune system.
  • Needless to say that it strengthens your muscles and tones your body.
  • It's a complete psyche body exercise that consolidates fortifying and extending presents with profound breathing and reflection or unwinding.
  • It's a complete psyche body exercise that consolidates fortifying and extending presents with profound breathing and reflection or unwinding.
  • It de-stresses your mind and soul; thus bringing in positive vibes that surrounds you.
  • Performing yoga asanas regularly for at least half an hour helps you increase the blood circulation in your body.
  • It promotes relaxation and helps in reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Yoga has benefitted majority of the elderly people. They have claimed that by doing yoga for continuous three months, have helped them to lower their diabetes and cholesterol levels.
  • Practicing yoga has also improved chronic mental ailments. It has helped in reducing inflammation that contributes to cancerous ailments.
  • Of course, by practicing yoga, you can maintain your ideal weight.


As there are stages in learning yoga, it is classified into various stages.

Beginners there are different set of exercises. For beginners, the levels of yoga asanas are quite simple. They are like warm up exercises. You have Pranayam and stretching exercises to warm you up. The moment you are able to do these basic postures without any guidance, you are shifted to the medium level.

Medium Level these consist of exercises like the mountain pose, tree pose, dog facing pose, etc. these exercises help in balancing the body and your mind. It lends power to your muscles and de-stresses your mind.

Difficult Level these exercises are intense and holistic. This ancient type of wellness with establishes in India centers around creating equilibrium, quality and adaptability.

Yoga Postures –

These postures directly benefit your health, mind and body. So you have three-in-one benefits with these yoga postures. Performing yoga asanas regularly for at least 15-20 minutes in a day helps reduce anxiety, tension and makes your stress free. These postures are good for both mental and physical health.

  1. The Mountain Pose – this is traditionally called as the “tada asana”. This asana calms down your muscle tension and increases the blood flow to your brain. For this posture, you need to stand straight on your feet, with your feet a little apart. Your hands should be in a relaxed position hanging down besides your torso. In this, you have to balance your body by lifting your body onto your toes with heels slightly lifted above. Do this as your breathe in and breathe out. Lift your ankles and tighten your thigh muscles as you perform this posture. Broaden your collarbone while doing and stretch your neck as much as you can. This asana helps in relaxing the muscles by stretching it. The body loosens and this way relaxes the tightened muscles.
  2. The Tree Pose – this is again for the same purpose. This posture also helps you to relax your shoulder and arms muscles. Again, stand straight with your feet slightly apart. As you breathe in, balance your body weight onto your toes. Lift one leg, bend it and place it onto your thigh of the other leg. Stand straight and still. Balance your body on one leg. Take it easy and breathe in and out as you do for all other poses.
    Make sure that your spine is straight and erect. Do not bend your back. Keep it straight. Now gently, lift your arms in upward direction. Stretch it completely and form “Namaste” with your hands above your head. Keep your eyes closed and breathe in easily. Balance your body firmly. Do this asana for 2-3 minutes. This enables you to gather strength of your body, makes your muscles strong and gives you strength to balance your body.
  3. Downward Facing Dog Pose – this posture stretches hamstrings, lengthens and tightens your back and spine and increases blood circulation and oxygen flow to your brain. Sit on your heels, stretch your arms forward and lower your head. Stretch yourself in upwards direction. Keep your head in bowed position with your hands touching the ground? Take support of your legs to push you up and raising your hips. Press your heels down, let your head hand openly and fix your midriff.
  4. The Boat Pose – performing this asana, helps to tighten abdominal muscles. It reduces abdominal fat as well. It tightens and strengthens shoulders and upper back.


Lie down straight on your mat with your feet together and hands by your side. Keep breathing in and out as you do normally for all the postures. Now gradually, lift up your legs at an angle of 45 degrees. Do the same with your hands. Bring them together in one line.  Hold till you feel some tension in your navel area as your abdominal muscles begin to contract. Now while exhaling, bring back your legs and hands together.

With all these broad benefits, you know what yoga can do to your body and mind. A healthy body with a healthy mind is a great combination. Just by practicing some asanas regularly, you can achieve all this. You can also enrol yourself in three months or advanced learning yoga programs at various centres.

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