Best yoga and Ayurveda teacher training course in Kerala

Best Yoga Teacher training course in the Indian Yoga School

You can change your life with a yoga teacher training course in Kerala

You can choose you Kerala in India as the destination for your yoga teacher training course in India Varkala for the instructor training along with Ayurveda for Yoga and plan for a memorable experience in real yoga heaven. You can learn all the useful tips on how to do yoga and enhance your lifestyle. You can select a rigorous 29-days or you can select the days according to your wish for the yoga course. You can very easily book one among the wide range of training programs below and begin to pave your way for yoga education.

Know about yoga and ayurveda institutions

India Yoga School is one among the best yoga and ayurveda teaching institutes in Kerala. It is a licensed school for yoga which is organizing the 200-hour Ayurveda and Yoga Teacher Training Course in Varkala. The only objective of the yoga program is to welcome the yoga and Ayurveda lovers to the cradle of Ayurveda i.e Kerala. Through this age-old Indian practice of yoga helps tourists to rejuvenate and relax to improve mind and body health. The Ayurveda and Yoga experts here will support the students in their teachings by imbuing them with love and compassion. Varkala is the coastal friendly town of Thiruvananthapuram, which is a stunning tourist destination 50 km away. It is renowned for its rich cultural and religious patrimony. It is the best environment to explore natural beauty is a place to rejuvenate and relax. The state has an excellent appearance with blue sky and cliffs and you can get peace of mind and soul by coming to this place.

The courses included teaching methodologies, pranayama, Mediation techniques and how to teach these along with Yoga anatomy, Hatha Yoga, Ashtnaga Yoga, Yoga Philosophy as part of the traditionally designed yoga teacher training courses by the masters of Yoga in India.

Getting to know about various Yoga and Ayurveda institutions

Nearly about 4792 students have been educated in the last ten years from India Yoga School. Today in Yoga and Ayurveda India Yoga School deliver seven various courses. India Yoga School offers various courses like 100 hours yoga teacher training course, 200-hour yoga teacher training courses in India , 300-hour yoga classes, and 95-hour children's yoga transformation training is given. The classic Hatha Yoga is in contrast to the rhythm of contemporary Vinyasa. In Varkala and Trivandrum (Kerala), yoga pieces of training are given at a large scale.

People from all over the world have come here to get training in yoga and the facilities it offers are.

  • Excellent place to perform yoga and offers nice services and accommodation.
  • Well-skilled and accomplished teachers are present in different areas of yoga
  • They offer a well-organized Training Syllabus with traditional Indian Hatha Yoga and modern styles
  • The most amazing thing about this yoga course is it offers balanced teaching distribution between yoga asana, pranayama, mantra singing, meditation, philosophy, yoga anatomy, and other main subjects
  • Further lectures by experienced Ayurvedic doctors on Ayurveda and Diät is also offered
  • Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance International certificate internationally is also accredited
  • There are 15 students in a small group

How to relax your soul in peace?

India Yoga School is popular as one of the best yoga teacher training school in India. The school is one of the best genuine Yoga schools in South India. This yoga school is well-disciplined. It is associated with Kerala and Yoga Alliance International, a school that offers more than 3 thousand years of training in classical yoga practices in India. They offer successful training sessions and modules that take you through the Yoga Learner training courses at Sivasoorya Yoga School in India. From the center, you will receive all the training and encouragement to grow into an adept yoga follower, practitioner, instructor, and promoter.

Get peace in beauty of Kerala

Varkala as a place hosts India’s finest white sand beach and Kerala is the home for Ayurveda , Kerala is also known as God’s own country.

Varkala offers the best yoga classes and is considered the first step on the journey to learn yoga. You will learn how to master and perform various yoga techniques and main Ayurvedic theories, diagnostic methods, panchakarma, and ayurvedic treatment, and acquire knowledge about mantra singing, mudras, bandhas, various forms of meditation, and pranayama. The course allows you to improve your self-exercise and to teach yoga. This training will direct you through the practical aspects of yoga, metaphysical aspects, pranayama, and meditation. Facilities you get at this yoga training center include.

  • You will get to learn yoga and sutras study with physiology
  • Regular practice of asana and pranayama
  • You will get a certificate of completion 200-hour yoga instructor preparation
  • Methodology and teaching methodology of Asana

Apart from India Yoga School is affliated to  Yoga Alliance which is located in the Ayurveda Motherland and launches a soulful yoga journey in Varkala, Kerala which is a breathtaking place. At India Yoga School you will learn the most natural and traditional healing sciences. Yoga Teacher Training in Kerala combines yoga teacher training in the motherlands of Ayurveda with additional advantages of Vedic practice and learning. The town  of Varkala has a clifftop that serves as a reassuring destination for yogis, backpackers, and travelers.

Relation between Ayurveda and Kerala

Varkala is a birthplace of Ayurvedic traditions with which the school works closely with. A whole range of relaxation therapies is available, including yoga, meditation, and pranayama in Kerala for 200 hours, 300 hours, and 500 hours. The students can experience the authentic art of massages, Vedic spa treatments, and Panchakarma therapies in addition to yoga asana and yoga philosophy. The students will enjoy good times on one of the most beautiful bucolic beaches in the world during their leisure time.

Same as India Yoga School the Yoga TTC (200 hours) is a classical Hatha Yoga intensive instructor preparation. The is a unique one month course because it helps students to fully immerse themselves in classical Hatha Yoga studies and practice while living everyday life in a highly spiritual atmosphere. The course is based on the traditional gurukula method used to live with students. Yoga TTC (200 hours) is a classical Hatha Yoga intensive instructor preparation.


The city of Kerala was always popular due to its abundance of reserves, natural reserves, and of course the science of yoga and Ayurveda, which includes a rather informative martial art style that originated there which is Kalaripa and the yoga that is very popular there. Kerela has a rich variety of streamlines with clean beaches, sandy dunes, quench seas, delicious flora, and fauna and India Yoga School is one the best place to learn yoga and Ayurveda in Kerala. Ayurveda rewards this place as a soul with its perfect atmosphere and wealth, for profound self-reflection and a complete shift of mind, body, and spirit. A yoga instructor course at Kerala's best Yoga schools like India Yoga School exposes the practice of individuals to the gifts of nature helps you to enhance your way of life. For the sanguinity and healing treasures, Yoga training schools are always remembered.

Let's Start a Studio

Indian Yoga School runs the chain of yoga studios under the brand name Yoga360.