Chakra Activation through Yoga

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In our subtle body, the energy of life flows through specific paths in a channel which is called Nadi or flow. When these flows intersect with each other, they form what we know as "Chakra". A Chakra or "Wheel" is a point where the energy is concentrated on these interact with our whole body system for a proper co-ordinated functioning. The chakra is located at in our subtle body which can be found in the physical counterparts of our body, including the veins, nerves, arteries etc. and there are many chakras which have different functions. The chakras are responsible for the flow of energy throughout our body and run along our spinal cord. Whenever these chakras are out of alignment, they can cause physical or mental distress to the person who can hamper their lifestyle and performance in various areas. Hence, it is essential to learn how to control the different chakra points which can help in an improved way of living.

So how to control Chakra?

Firstly we need to understand what role chakra plays in our body as we know human beings are not just a cluster of tissues and cells. We are beyond just the physical imitation which we can see through our naked eyes. Humans feel emotions like love, pain, lust and many more, and these are all due to the presence of life force or "prana". The chakras control the flow of prana, which means they have a vital role in our mood, which has a direct impact on our health as well. Every chakra resembles a specific element or mantra, and it also resembles the spectrum of the rainbow.

The Chakra system is a very complicated system which controls our physical actions (voluntary and involuntary) as well as mental and emotional actions. There are times when the natural flow of prana is hampered; the Nadis gets blocked due to bad habits and lifestyle. The chakra starts to stagnate, and the person movements become sluggish and sloppy.

Why doing Yoga for Chakra activation?

Yoga is one of the most basic yet powerful methods of the realignment of the chakra. Yoga creates balance in the body. The asanas realign both our physical and our subtle body through which the chakra also gets realigned. This rejuvenates the body with new energy and eliminates the old energy, which makes our system slow and sheepish. It also makes it easier to get rid of older habits and outdated beliefs, giving a room for improvement and growth.

According to the philosophy of Yoga there are seven major chakra points in our body which are located from the top of the head to the bottom of the spine. These are the concentration points of the energy which interact with the whole body and the organs to produce the coordination and systematic function in the body. These chakra points can be accessed by practising various yoga asanas which are primarily focused on pinpointing these chakra points.

Below are the chakras and the asanas which can be performed to gain control over these chakra points:

Muladhara Chakra or the "Root Chakra"-It is the chakra which is located in the base of the spine. It channelizes the energy from the ground to give us a strong support and making us feel safe and connected. Root chakras Alignment is necessary to make us feel a more confident and better sense of surrounding. The missing alignment can lead to a loss of confidence and balance. Its element is earth, and it is represented in red colour. Hence, for controlling this chakra the Mountain Pose is one of the best asanas to perform. It is very beneficial as it accumulates the energy from the earth itself to rejuvenate the entire body.

Svadhisthana Chakra or the "Sacral Chakra"- This chakra is located near the pelvic region. It is associated with sexual desires, affection, desires, creativity and sensation. It controls the reproductive organs of our body and the adrenal glands. Its element is water and is represented by orange colour. To manage this chakra, the warrior pose II or Vir Bhadra asana is performed. It releases the tension in the pelvic area and thus increases the flow of blood and energy through the area and revitalizes us. The proper functioning of Sacral chakra can help us to connect with others and finding joy in ourselves.

Manipura Chakra or "Solar Plexus Chakra"- Being located in navel region of our body, controls the muscular and digestive system of our body. It commands the pancreas, which has a vital role in digestion. It is associated with power, determination, intellect and self-control. It represents a yellow colour and the element of fire. The plank pose is one of the best postures to target this chakra as it increases the core strength as well as channels the energy through the stomach.

Anahata Chakra or the "Heart Chakra"- As its name suggests, it is located in our Heart and controls the circulatory system, respiratory and immune system. We all know that heart is the most critical organ, and having a healthy heart can help in leading a very fulfilling life. It represents a green colour, and the element is air. It is associated with the feelings of compassion, love, emotion, relating and giving. The camel pose can have a very positive effect in controlling and realignment of the heart chakra.

Vishuddha Chakra or the "Throat Chakra"- The throat chakra is situated in our throat and controls our metabolism and thyroid gland. It is associated with communication, abundance, expression, intuition and manifestation. It represents the element ether, and its colour is blue. Realignment of this chakra can help in fluency and command over language with confidence. The bridge pose affects the throat chakra and helps in its realignment.

Ajna Chakra or the "Third Eye Chakra" - This chakra is situated above the eyebrows and controls the pituitary gland and the endocrine system of the body. Its association includes wisdom, spiritual and self-awareness, insights, self-realisation. It represents the purple colour and the element of Light. The alignment of this chakra clears our thought process and decision-making powers. The dolphin pose is a perfect pose for activating this chakra. It increases the circulation in our face and brain, which can help in the alignment of this chakra point.

Sahasrara or the" Crown Chakra"- It is located at the top of the head which controls the nervous system and the pineal glands of our body. It associates with universal consciousness and peace of mind. It is the only chakra which doesn't have any element because it is considered beyond any element and represents the colour white. Alignment of Crown chakra can have a very positive impact around us. It brings peace and joy and is essential for our lives. The butterfly pose is very impactful in aligning and activating this chakra.

These poses are crucial to opening up and realignment of the chakras. With proper knowledge and discipline by practising them daily, these will light up a bright future with healthy and prosperous lives.

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