Chakras and their importance

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Subtle insight

We all are born with a source of energy within us. Ever thought. How all of a sudden we are too energetic and sometimes full of fatigueness. Sometimes too bright like the sun and sometimes haze. Sometimes Problem solvers and sometimes problem creators. These things sound like mood swings but they aren't. It's all a way of internal chakras working. An imbalance in chakra can work wonders to mind, health and soul. Chakras what are they? Sounds like a wheel. It is as ancient as a wheel. It is an energy trigger point in every human body. We have heard of them in satsangs or yoga classes. Chakras are aligned in a vertical position like spin. Starting from crown and ending till root. It is an ancient way of healing. This theory is an extract from famous Vedas. In this world of technology people are attracted towards the roots of nature, that are steady but effective. Practicing yoga or opting for ayurvedic remedies is trendy and a great result provider. Understanding chakra is also a small chapter of the full fledged chapter of Yoga and Vedas. It gives a chance to develop inner strength and maintain the mass + energy balance. Let's discover how we fill 7 chakra rooms with energy for house energy. One or the other asanas are associated with opening or balancing the disturbed chakra.

Knowing Chakra

Our human body is primarily divided into two parts. Mass and energy. Mass refers to the outer body and energy refers to spirit and mind inner energy. Our inner strengths are further segregated into seven chakras that vertically aligned with spin starting from root to crown. They correspond with every nerve, organ, emotional and physical part of our body. It is rightly said to know your inner strength and worth before knowing about the outer world. It's not to be an introvert. But self awareness is also important. One should be mentally, physically and spiritually strong. And that can be achieved with Yoga - never faced disappointment.

The Root Chakra - color Red

Let your roots be strong : In every aspect roots should be strong. Because with strong roots creatures can be nurtured in an effective way. We are talking about Muladhara, the prime chakra in our body. It is also referred to as root chakra. Opening of this chakra helps to overcome the anxiety attack that affects physical and mental health. It helps to turn the knob from anxiety and unstable mental state to courageous and motivated state. It helps to strengthen your back bone. As a strong back bone represents powerful appeal towards the problems. One of the advised yoga poses for opening root chakra is tree pose.

The Sacral Chakra - color orange

Trigger the creative point : We are born with certain talent. That helps us look differently at life. The strength of solving a problem is within us. We just have to be more self conscious. It is possible with sacral chakra or swadhisthana. It is located in the pelvic area. It is the second major chakra. A view for life matters the most because death or birth is not in our control. But life is all ours. It's Hindi terminology itself says about the swadh which means taste. Opening up of this chakra helps to think differently or say in a creative way. It helps to avoid the judgement of others over your problems. Practicing yoga is an effective way to open chakra. For sacral chakra goddess pose is advisory.

The Solar Plexus Chakra - color yellow

Energise your solar system : Everyone of us is gifted with our own Solar system that energises us. We are talking about solar plexus chakra aka Manipura. It works on opening the door of personal power and decision making. Opening of this chakra helps to reduce the dramatic thoughts from the head. This chakra gives the combined results with crown chakra, as it increases the well being with renewed energy developed from crown chakra. It gives access to a locked energy system. It helps to think out of the box and crowd as it strengthens you spiritually. Boat pose is effective asana is bestest for opening plexus chakra.

The Heart Chakra - color green

Importance of love : It is important to trigger the passion or love or emotion in one's heart. As we all are human beings with heart and feelings. This chakra helps to look for love within. That enlightens the surrounding with mere understanding. It's fourth major chakra is referred to as the heart chakra or Anahata. In this case it works like give and take. The more love and passion you offer then a top up on offer will be offered. Comfort and love comes from home, similarly the body is our home. It's totally in our hands how to deal and take care of it. Camel pose works wonders on opening and balancing heart chakra.

The Throat Chakra - color blue

Reap what you sow : In today's time what we give, with whatever intention comes back to us. And communication plays a big role in it. Generally we hear to think before with utter. Because it never comes back. We are talking about the opening of the fifth and important chakra. Vishuddha aka the throat chakra. It is located in our throat. It helps to convey what we think and want to say. We all are independent to keep and convey our thoughts. It helps to explore more in this world. Through the throat, what we spell leads to being friends or foe. It also gives a sense of decision making. Shoulder stand pose focuses on the points of throat chakra.

The Brow Chakra - color indigo

Sometimes listening to your intuition works : Sometimes our brain stays numb but our intuition takes the charge. Also gets over the brain with a strong back. This chakra is located just between our eyebrows. Yes gunpoint. Some say it is the third eye, Ajna and The brow chakra. It helps to look and work upon the future perspective with current actions. It helps to take up new challenges that can refill the courage and energy that can strengthen our core. It works on both good and bad. Intuition doesn't guarantee to be positive all the time. Easy pose it's to sit and relax and focus on eliminating the negativity through Brow chakra.

The Crown Chakra - color violet

Crowning your spiritual self : We all have special power beyond what we see or experience each day. Flowing with the wind is okay but leaving yourself selfless and still flowing is madness. We all need to trigger our true consciousness or our true self. Yes we are talking about the last but important chakra. The seventh chakra The crown chakra or Sahasrara. It helps to develop inner strength and explore the source in all new ways. Corpse pose all it needs is to lie down on mat and relax and let all other thoughts travel. It helps to release negative thoughts and multiple the positive ones.

Alignment procedure and its benefits

It's important to keep All seven chakras open and in balance. Yoga helps us do that. All it needs is a little bit of concentration and a negative free environment. It helps to live our lives more peaceful and fruitfully. It makes us self dependent and more courageous. Also gives us power to encounter the problem with their solution in a logic or creative manner. As we have understood that closing or imbalances can create the opposite reaction. Can give us internal anxiety issues and over thinking too. So let's not keep ourselves closed from this beautiful world and detoxify the negativity and fill our mind, body and soul with good vibes.

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