Checking The Yoga Alliance Certificate – Know The Authenticity Of Your Yoga Teacher Training

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To become a registered yoga instructor, you must complete a Yoga Alliance certified teacher training program. Your entry course will be the 200-hour teacher training which includes yoga practices, teaching techniques, and practicum. After completing this course, you will get a certification and will be eligible to join Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher or RYT.

Many schools are offering teacher courses but not all of them are Yoga Alliance certified teacher training facilities. To verify the authenticity or validity of the course, do the following steps.

Check if the school is a Registered Yoga School.

The only school that can provide Yoga Alliance certified teacher training are official members of the organization. For a school to become a member, it has to pass the standards of Yoga Alliance. It has to provide a syllabus that meets the quality of training and teaching set by the organization. Aside from this, it also needs to have E-RYT or experienced and registered yoga teachers to teach the courses. If a school claims that they are a member of Yoga Alliance, then they must be included in the organization’s online directory.

Find out if the school is qualified to offer the Yoga Alliance courses.

Not all RYS can offer all the courses created by Yoga Alliance, namely 200-hr, 300-hr, 500-hr, Children’s Yoga, and Prenatal Yoga. For example, an RYS 200 should not offer 300-hr or 500-hr teacher training courses unless Yoga Alliance has checked its curriculum and syllabus for the respective courses. If you are planning to take a 300-hr teacher training, you should check if the school is either RYS300 or RYS500. Otherwise, the certification they’ll award to you after your course is not valid.

Yoga Alliance certified teacher training provides an edge for those who truly want to start careers as yoga instructors. Your certification and membership will prove that you have met the requirements and have undergone enough training to become a qualified yoga instructor.

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