300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training (RYT 300) by Indian Yoga School

The 300-hour yoga teacher training course is the advanced version of the 200-hour yoga teacher training program. This advanced training of 300-hour yoga is for aspirants who want to enroll and extend their training in order to acclaim the 500-hour teachers training certificate. This course is also known as RYT 300.

The eligibility to enroll for the RYT 300 is to have a minimum of RYT 200 or YTT 200 from Indian Yoga School or from any Registered Yoga School; RYS 200. This unique residential, advance Hatha and Ashtanga teachers training course enables, aspirants for intermediate to advance level training under the strict and personal guidelines of a registered yoga teacher.

We understand that every yoga school is unique and their forte is different, hence the first challenge of this advanced teacher training program is to understand the depth and skill of aspirants. Since the prequalification is RYT 200 from any registered school, hence the yoga expert team of Indian Yoga School first understands the individual's strength and conducts the course as per group size and if required, customized with personal training some time.

This 300-hour teacher training yoga course blends of multi-style yoga such as Hatha yoga, Iyengar style, Ashtanga yoga along with a detailed study on Yog Mudra, Bandha, layers of Pranayama, various meditation techniques, balancing, and alignment, Chakras, and kundalini, Mantra, etc.

Upon successful completion of this 300-hour yoga training, candidates are sworn with RYT 300.

Below are the locations and places where we are currently providing these 300-hour yoga teacher training programs in India and outside India. Let's choose your favorite destination for a yoga program and enroll yourself.

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