Experiencing Shavasana (Preparation, procedure, practicing and experience)

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Shavasana known as Corpse pose is to just lie back flat on your back and close your eyes. That’s it. It sounds so simple, isn’t it? But can be quite challenging for an anxious mind. People who can do twisting asanas find it hard to just lie down on the back for few minutes. The initial response for Shavasana varies from person to person. In this article let’s take a look at who can do the asana, when can you do it and process.

Who can do Shavasana?

Everyone and anyone can do Shavasana irrespective of the age and condition. Pregnant ladies and people suffering from back pain can do this under the supervision of a yoga instructor.


You need a yoga mat, a calm peaceful place to stretch yourself on the floor.

What time you can practice Shavasana?

Shavasana can be done at any time of the day. Shavasana can be done first thing in the morning, mid-afternoon or evening as per your convenience. Shavasana relaxes and rejuvenates you when you do it

  • At the end of the yoga session
  • Before going to sleep
  • After a hectic day

How to do Shavasana?

You can practice Shavasana from 8 to 10 minutes and extend up to 30 minutes in a day. Find a dimly lit place and spread your mat. Turn the mobiles on silent mode, you can set an alarm for 10 or 15 minutes for your relaxation.

  • Lie down flat on the mat and spread your legs and hands slightly away from the body.
  • Let the feet and palms be the way they are comfortable
  • Adjust your shoulders, back, hips in the same line and close your eyes
  • Feel the mat below your back, steady and grounded
  • Be still and observe the subtle sensations in your body
  • Feel the breath from your chest to the abdomen and raising of your abdomen while inhaling. While exhaling, you can feel the air passing back from the abdomen to the chest to throat and nostrils. Just Observe.
  • While inhaling, imagine the flow of Prana Vayu in your arteries and veins reaching tiny cells of the body.
  • Focus on your toes and limbs. Relax the body parts with inhalation and exhalation. You can relax every part of the body from head to toe with complete focus on each part while breathing.
  • Observe and pay attention to your heartbeat, slight twitches here and there. Feel the sensations and just be still with your breath.
  • It is quite natural to get distracted, thoughts appear from nowhere. That is perfectly fine. Just observe the thoughts and shift your focus back to your breath.
  • After your alarm snoozes, slowly move your fingers and toes. With your eyes closed, gently turn to your right and get up. Sit in a comfortable posture. Rub your palms downwards and place the warmth of your palms to your eyes. Open your eyes and look at your palms.

The practice of Shavasana leaves you relaxed and energized. If the practice is done after a yoga session or at the end of the workday you feel completely relaxed. The limbs, shoulders, and back will be free of fatigue and stress-free. Shavasana creates harmony between body and mind.

Experiences of Shavasana

It is challenging to switch off our minds when we close our eyes for relaxation. You can get restless. You can feel any of the following sensations.

  • feel your eyeballs moving
  • eyebrows knitting
  • butterflies in your abdomen

It is all pretty normal for a beginner. You can also feel thoughts flowing one after the other. They can vary from

  • I have a project deadline tomorrow
  • What to do for dinner?
  • I forgot to pick gifts for mother’s birthday

This occurrence of thoughts is normal. Some might fall asleep; some might find it hard to just keep their eyes closed. It is perfectly normal to feel so. It takes a while and a couple of sessions to just be still in the moment. Experience is unique with every individual and with every session.

Benefits of Shavasana

The benefits of Shavasana are numerous. Shavasana provides an opportunity to get our body and soul in balance. In short, it is an opportunity to show our gratitude to our own body and soul by paying attention to every sensation, feeling, and thought that arises within us. This, in turn, takes us towards being mindful in the moment. Being mindful in the moment fetches more than you can even anticipate or plan.

This is found to be beneficial to everyone who practices regularly. Kids who find it hard to sit still for a moment calm down. People with lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, BP, diabetes are found to have experienced better health.

A simple 15 minutes of Shavasana at the end of the day will benefit you in the following ways.

  • Energize your body to be more productive
  • Reduces the anxiety and stress
  • Memory and concentration improves
  • Helps to sleep better

When the body is relaxed and stress-free you can face the challenges head-on with clarity. Shavasana is the first step for Yoga Nidra.

Practicing regularly makes you perfect with a relaxation technique in Shavasana. With practice, the mind also comes to stillness. Thoughts reduce. You will come to a position to observe your own body as an outsider. Shavasana not only rejuvenates but makes you listen to yourself, your inner voice. It is a state of bliss when you become one with the universe and everything else ceases to exist.

Growth is a goal for most of us today. We put endless hours of work, abusing our body without adequate sleep and food. We are constantly searching for the path for growth. As Swami Vivekananda says, ‘You have to grow from inside out’ journey seeking our soul would lead us to the path of growth in the external world as well as inner happiness in life.

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