All You Need to Know about Becoming a Yoga Instructor

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Isn’t it common these days everyone is becoming a certified yoga instructor or a yoga teacher?

Wondering whether to go with this or not or how to go with it. Is it realistic? Yes, it is if you are passionate about the practice and want to impart the benefits to yourself and as well as others, if so then you’re good to go.

How to know that you are ready to become a yoga instructor/teacher or you don’t want to be confused?

You can find out for yourself if you want to be one or not if you find out otherwise then you know you have a perk that it can still deeply enhance your yoga practice and knowledge by enrolling in the yoga teacher training course or yoga instructor course with Indian Yoga School.

If you have made up your mind then let’s talk about it and how?

At the time of the publication, there are no official legal requirements for yoga certification anywhere in the world. This essentially means that to learn to teach yoga, all that’s needed is to pick a program that exactly resonates with you and pursue it passionately.

However, you’ll want to pick a program officially recognized worldwide. Yoga Alliance is the worldwide recognized organization since 1999, which has been the internationally recognized standards-settings for yoga and we Indian Yoga School have the same setup for our yoga certifications and other yoga activities and programs. We are an internationally recognised yoga institute with a well-established system of requirements for our yoga teachers and yoga schools. We Indian Yoga School are providing most of the yoga trainings and certifications in a wide array of yoga styles and traditions.

First step is to become a registered yoga teacher. Anyone who has completed a yoga instructor training program with a registered yoga school can apply for a registered yoga trainer, depending on the number of training hours completed and the total hours of teaching.

Mostly the journey is started with a 200-hour RYS (Registered Yoga School) teacher training course. As previously stated, there are many programs for the same. It is depending on the style or tradition of yoga, logistics (part-time, full – time intensive, local, or abroad) and cost.

200- Hour Yoga programs focus on the teaching yoga to the general population. A 200 hour teacher training yoga includes:

  • Asana and alignment (which also includes how to guide others into the poses and class sequencing)
  • Philosophy and medication
  • Anatomy and physiology

 All 200-hour yoga courses vary in terms of the style of yoga. But, to ensure a well-rounded education, they all adhere to these basic guidelines as outlined here by Yoga360 team. You can be very well defined and detailed into the art of yoga with this 200 YTT course.

Why 200 Hour teacher training Yoga?

In the 200-hour course, you will learn not only practice but also learn in-depth about yoga poses – how to execute the poses correctly according to your own physical abilities. You will practice yoga for at least two hours daily, so you come to really understand the mechanics of the poses and what they entail. Physical health and strength will improve as well. You will learn anatomy and physiology, and how they relate to yoga.

The benefits and contraindications of the poses will be discussed. Once your physical practice is combined with the knowledge of anatomy and physiology, then the study of alignment poses comes into play. This is a very important aspect of any yoga teacher training course, as we practice yoga for health not to injure ourselves.

There will also be sessions on the philosophical aspect’s yoga, which are based on Patanjali’s eight limbs of yoga. Yoga is all about how-to live-in harmony with ourselves and others.  There is practice of Pranayama. Major step towards samridhi. Your breath affects the quality of your physical, emotional and mental health.  We have to know the perfect ways to do the pranayama. In the course altogether you need to immerse in yoga. This has an approach which not only benefits you but others.

Understanding is better for better teaching. Instructors will guide you along the way on how to assess also how to adjust other poses, which includes the use of props or proper verbal cues.

When the 200-hour program would be coming to end it would seem very short. Learning is an ongoing process so your learning won’t stop with this course. At the end you will feel it is a new start of journey for being a teacher.  Some on the other hand may feel like exploring extension options and they are kid’s yoga and pre-natal yoga are some examples. These are of shorter duration.

How long time does it take to become a yoga instructor?

The journey is embarked way before you sign up for any Yoga teacher training course. It is better to have consistent training before starting the 200-hour yoga program. The practice would make you fit for the physical rigor. Your mind will know the type of asanas and what would it be like being in the class.

First step is completing the program. After you wish to continue then you can go with 500 hour and 300-hour programs. Initially you can work under a senior yoga instructor for a few months. Working under an expert and experienced person would fast track your path to expertise.

Also, there cannot be a particular time frame. No one can say that the ‘x’ amount of time you would become a yoga teacher. It is always better to stand with more experience whether it be meditation, asanas etc. it would be better for you to teach with more experience.

How to get that certification for yoga instructor?

Easy to understand process just choose a form of yoga you want to pursue from a certified yoga school like Indian Yoga School. One more step to become a registered yoga teacher is after the course ends you will have to start and register as a yoga trainer.

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