How to choose the best yoga teacher training course in Varkala?

Best Yoga Teacher training course in the Indian Yoga School

Yoga is a way or an ultimate path to the world, which is full of glory. It is something, which can give peace and rest to the soul that is starving for it for years. People even call yoga a healer apart from medicines. Choosing the right teacher/mentor/guide for the same can help you to achieve it very simply and easily. There are many factors, which you should take care of while going for the same.

Varkala most popular for being the “The Pearl Of Arabian Sea” is also famous for being a peaceful alternative to Kovalam beach in Kerala. Then why not have some extra peace from this very peaceful location!

We all are seeds planted on this earth as humans. In the very beginning, the seed remains in the dormant stage until it gets the right amount of soil, water, and sunlight to raise itself, in the same way, we humans too need the right mentorship or guidance to grow the light inside us into something very peaceful and fruitful.  

When you are living in an exotic location like “Varkala” it provokes your inner spirit to calm those unstable veins and muscles of your body and to achieve that you need a perfect yoga teacher training course is very important.

How to choose the best yoga teacher training course in Varkala?

• Location of the training

A perfect workout environment is important when it comes to yoga. Try choosing your training location near a peaceful location away from the buzz of the public.

Yoga is something that heals the inner wounds and having the best environment surrounded by the chirping sound of birds and soothing wind helps you to heal even faster.

• Certification

Make sure that your trainer is Yoga Alliance-Certified. Having a certified trainer certifies you about the process that you are going through.

I am not saying that having a non-yoga alliance is a big mistake that you are dealing with but always remember about certification for everything is always given priority, without certification you should never assure yourself.  

•  History of the training course

Find about the achievements and reviews about the yoga training course available in Varkala. The more you will know about their background, the better you will under their syllabus and concept of learning.

Choosing a good institution that will never leave you to regret later on. Move around and observe them.  

• The behaviour of the trainer

Research more about your trainer, know better about him/her. It's not a hard task to find out about somebody when you know it’s the era of social media.

Understanding them socially will help you more to understand them though out your training which would in return help you to create a good relationship and understanding. A place where you have a better understanding helps you to create a good environment for working.

• Supportive and Understanding

Every human needs a person who would understand his/her inner situation. There might be some times when your body might not support the work you are doing. At that point, you need someone who would act as a friend as well as a teacher to guide you.

If your yoga trainer is a very supportive and understanding person who gives you honest advice then trust me he/she is the one who can show you the path of glory.

• Nutritionist

Eating habits are something that solemnly affects your body’s growth. Your body reciprocates to that every stuff that you intake. Proper guidance can help you to improve your body in a better way.

If your yoga teacher has a better understanding of the anatomy of your body and knows well about its functioning then he/she can give you advice regarding your eating habits.

• Know about it

Before joining any trainer first learn to have some basic ideas about the course. Having an idea about what you are doing helps you to understand things in a better way.

• Ability to connect

A teacher needs to know the right way of how to connect with students. The one who knows it better has the higher ability to make you learn something in a very intuitive way.

• Love and Respect

A teacher who knows how to love and respect his/her teacher as well the skills that they have learned from them is the one who can be more successful.

• Ego and proudness in pocket

The one who knows the right way of talking with the students without having the ego and proudness of owning the certificate of being a yoga teacher can help the students to be freer with their teachers.

• Preparation and presentation

It depends on the teacher how she/he creates an environment for the students to learn. A clean environment is always a need when you want to go for yoga. No matter if they have practised a lot but if they fail to present themselves before you then everything goes into vain.

• They show their mistakes

Everyone learns from mistakes. Not everyone dares to show his/her mistakes. However, mistakes are something that can teach us things very firmly.

If your teacher tells you about the mistakes that they have done while their learning period then trust me you have found the right mentor for yourself. When you from their mistakes you understand things in a better way.

• Sharing knowledge

Knowledge is something that always grows when you dare to share it. If your teacher is good at sharing knowledge then that person is the one to guide you.

• Respectful physical touch

To make you learn the correct posture and massage sometimes your teacher has to physically touch you. Some students might not be free with this so ask your teacher to take permission before touching you. Remember it’s your body and you have full right on it!

So these were a few tricks regarding how to choose a perfect yoga teacher training course in Varkala.

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