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Teachings that are given in younger times are followed and remembered through lifetime. Life lessons or ethics whatever it might be are embraced at the right age with the right logic. Things we follow should have a reason behind. That makes the concept of the practice more clear. Every lesson has a secret message and teaching to offer. It's important to enlighten the upcoming generation as they are one who will carry forward the culture and lessons. What our ancestors learned was forwarded with their experiences. Generation by generations things changed. From all manual work we shifted the knob to all digital. But ever thought how children are coping with this. Their lives are not less busy than ours. But being the current generation it's our responsibility to share our upbringing with them. One of the important chapters of teaching that encourages and relaxes the well being. Yoga.


Yoga is available in many versions. Oldest is the bestest. As it explores the origin and the connection with cosmos and subtle energy. As it is different in every one's book. Maybe because of different perspectives. More you explore the new version, the more creativity will be seen. For understanding asanas and effects, new versions are the best for beginners specifically. Practicing yoga needs a regular time schedule for better results. There is no crash course for developing through yoga. Theoretical may be but not practical. It is the best option for aligning mind, body and soul. But what stays constant is the result in every book. As three of them need to be on the same page. Disturbance in one of them might create an imbalance. Yoga works on relaxing the mind, purifying the soul and detoxifying the body. It is also in good books due to its effective asanas and pain relieving exercises. It is an effective way for every age group. As yoga results are not biased. It will give a reaction to your action.

Benefits from practising Yoga:

1)      Relaxing

2)      Toning

3)      Stretching

4)      Pain reliever

5)      Increase flexibility

6)      Concentration

7)      Self awareness

8)      Prioritising things

9)      Eliminating negative things

10) Overcoming fears

Above mentioned are the common effects due to which yoga is opted. After a stressful day two minutes meditation can relax you internally and externally. It is effective exercise for toning the body. A regular practice can tighten the loosen muscles. Not only tighten it, even focus on losing the stressed muscles. Some of the stretching exercises can loosen the tensed muscles. Yoga is also a pain reliever if it's not severe. It also increases flexibility in the body through bending exercises. It helps to create focus and set priority. Yoga helps to give self time from a daily busy schedule. It is available in one size that fits every age group person. It is likable and effective in stress related issues or physical pains.

These effects are not changed for children. Somehow Yoga is more fruitful for children. But it is slightly different in children's books. It's more innovative and friendly for children. It's not different from adult yoga, just easy reference for children understanding. Enlightening about yoga to kids helps not only in getting flexible but developing the whole. It helps in creating a full personality of the kid. Mentally, physically and spiritually. Yoga poses or asanas are not only a physical stretch or exercise, but impacts the mind at the same time. Practicing yoga helps to develop a connection with surrounding and nature.

In today's time even kids are busy with their stuff. Being an adult it might not be for us. But we need to consider the age. Challenges and struggles are different for each age group. Technology, studies, games (indoor or outdoor) and other curriculum. Every one of them needs their respective time and understanding. In this busy schedule where is the time that they can give to themselves? Stress is available in every phase of life. But thinking of it is not all. It needs a resolution. Today's lifestyle is all spinning around smart technology. It has led us to believe in results. Kids need an experiment or results that may lead to reach or erase the practice.

Teaching Yoga to kids has entered a new innovative room. It is difficult for the kids to remember the names of the asanas or postures. But interpretation of yoga asanas with nature has made it easier to recognize and follow. Some of the examples are.

1)      Tadasana as mountain pose

2)      Vrikshasana as tree pose

3)      Adho mukho svanasana as downward facing dog pose

4)      Trikonasana as triangle pose

5)      Kursi Asana as chair pose

6)      Naukasana as boat pose

7)      Bhujangasana as cobra pose

8)      Ustrasana as camel pose

9)      Badhaka Asana as butterfly pose

10) Hamsasana as swan pose

Above mentioned are some of the common illustrated names for yoga poses. Excluding them, Surya namaskar is also one of the common yoga practices. Yoga for kids is more beneficial as from the right age they are able to understand and prioritize the goals of life. It helps to eliminate the negativity and fear from mind and move on the road with full confidence. Even ignoring the benefits, it's important to give one self time and space from a busy world.

Developing Young Minds is all we focus on. As they are the upcoming future of the world. It's important to make kids realise that with a daily schedule, self time is also important. Daily practice of yoga helps to realise the weakness and strengths of the kids. Yoga poses help them to flex their tensed muscles and relax their body, mind and soul. Stretching and toning the muscles, rejuvenating brain cells and generating new ideas. It helps to increase concentration level. Eliminating negativity and increasing positivity in the soul. Yoga for kids is a package of relaxation and development. Yoga in its all version fulfills its aim and spreads the message of peace and happiness. So here we conclude whatever the age group you belong, Yoga is here to help. Positivity is all Yoga stricks for.

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