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Yoga is a journey and an end at the same time. It’s how we live. You can find yoga in every little thing around you. It is inspiration to many. Due to Covid-19 situations, most of the international flights are not in operation and many yoga learners from foreign countries want to learn yoga to be fit or other want to become a certified yoga teacher. So we at Indian Yoga School has started online yoga classes where you can learn yoga and became a certified yoga instructor. We are the one who is giving live yoga sessions not recorded sessions every day.  Let’s start this amazing and beneficial programme especially for the beginners to the elite learners of yoga.

It’s a mindboggling opportunity of online yoga for you guys. Our best online yoga for beginners till date is presented before you by us. This opportunity is coming right knocking at the door grab it now.

Yoga creates awareness within us, giving life more meaning, liberating us and helping us overcome pain and suffering. It’s a feeling of getting stronger at all the levels i.e. physically, mentally, and spiritually is our favourite kind of feeling what is yours? We are certain when you experience this feeling with us in versatile options of online yoga courses. You’ll fall short of words to describe what it is. It’s a feeling of wholesomeness.

We are offering yoga online as uncertain it sounds or its result that how would it be possible. We uphold immense pride in saying this that online yoga is happening for real the impact and results are no less then they were before in person. We are all fighting together this silent fight and we all need to hold a little longer. Yoga on the other hand is the best way we can overcome our burdens and our sufferings by having the peace and the feeling of relief are there for real in the world of yoga.

Talking about the versatility of our online courses we have online prenatal yoga. It is an approach to exercise that encourage stretching, mental centring and focussed breathing. We also providing online yoga classes for kids. Tender age is the best way to manifest into yoga.  This is happening online and live. Yes, you heard us right. Its live online yoga and we are proudly announcing it that we are the first in India who are providing online yoga live sessions directly to you.  We are not there yet most exciting part is the yoga certification which is provided us to you.

Yoga is certainly not just being able to touch your feet or do a handstand, it is constituted of asans, pranayama, mudra, bandha, shatkarma, meditation and soo much more. It is beyond what we all can think we can just experience it, live it.

There is no body as yoga body, yoga is for every soul, irrespective of size, gender, age.

So what are you waiting for let’s connect with Indian Yoga School and book your online yoga dates and timing today.

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Indian Yoga School runs the chain of yoga studios under the brand name Yoga360.