Significance of therapeutic yoga in fighting diseases

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Disease the word itself explains that there is a disorder or discomfort in the human body. The diseases can either be infectious, deficiency, hereditary, and physiological diseases. The instance the immunity in the human body is affected is when we encounter diseases. The common question that arises here is how and when immunity goes down? Well, the reason can be various. It can be due to nutrition factors, stress factor which will certainly lead to disharmony in the physiological functioning of the body.

The day the body, mind, and soul are not in the same plane, it is an opportunity for disease to make a home in you. There is no medicine invented to get body, mind, and soul in the same plane. Yoga provides you an opportunity to get in all of the same planes with its breathing techniques, postures, and meditative techniques. The process, in turn, heals you both physically and physiologically. Any common ailment you come across today we get free advice ‘Yoga helps. Do it’. But how it helps and who can help is the question that looms over. In this article let’s take a peek at how Yoga can benefit you.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy has gained significance in the recent decade. With an hour of yoga inclusive of asanas, pranayama has resulted in helping many with lifestyle diseases. You might be wondering what is yoga therapy, how is different from yoga?

Yoga Therapy is a set of asanas, pranayamas, bandhas, and relaxation techniques to suit your body condition addressing disease or ailment that you are suffering from. Qualified Yoga therapists can aid you with what needs to be done. Even if you are a newbie who has not done yoga in life till now can also do it with a qualified yoga instructor. Doing Yoga will not make your body hurt at any point in time. The stretches are done slowly focusing on your breath.

Want to benefit from Yoga Therapy? These are the prerequisites

  1. Embrace yoga with an open mind
  2. Don’t set deadlines for the cure
  3. Be ready to relax
  4. Set time for yoga practice every day


We are always are in a hurry to do things and reach goal posts. We have got used to our deadlines in everything whether it is work or reaching a place. The common question people ask when they plan to try Yoga Therapy is ‘how long will it take for me to be disease-free?’ Hang On! Yoga works subtly on physiological layers of the body, any therapist cannot give you the timeline for a cure. It is entirely dependent on wholeheartedly you follow the above prerequisites.

One size does not fit all

There are enough data on google to become a master of one’s own. Searching for yoga poses to be done for a particular condition and following it does not give you a result. A certified yoga instructor will be the right person to help you. Knowing your condition, your mindset and your expectation Yoga therapist can hand hold you on the journey of recovery. Yoga Therapy is designed for the individual. Every individual responds differently to therapy. Based on the response, the yoga therapist can add new poses gradually. What works for one might not work for another though the condition is the same as everyone is unique and different.

What to look for in Yoga Therapist?

We come across many yoga therapists. The key factors to look for while selecting a yoga therapist are:


If you are looking for one to help you with a physical condition, then look for an instructor who is well aware of the anatomy and can understand your ailments. A certified yoga instructor with knowledge of medication, its benefits, and side effects would be an added advantage.


Ask the yoga therapists about the time they have spent practicing yoga. Understand the process followed during yoga therapy. The diseases they have treated with therapy. Talk freely; ask questions until you are convinced that the person can help you. An actively practicing yoga therapist would suit your needs.

Empathetic Approach:

A knowledgeable and empathetic yoga therapist can rest your anxious mind by answering your queries. They can design a personalized yoga therapy program. The program designed will be easy to adapt to your daily lifestyle. The therapist also can motivate you enough to follow the program independently. A good yoga therapist aids you to connect with yourself and heal during the process.

Yoga Therapy can work wonders when you practice regularly, surrendering to it completely, and being in the posture at that moment.

We are living in an ambitious world where our aspirations vary from career growth, material things and travel to name a few. In pursuit of our ambitions, we are working without breaks. Our bodies too need service and oiling regularly which is what yoga provides. The postures stretch your muscles and oil your joints and breathing techniques calm you down. An hour a day will energize you enough to succeed on your path of growth.

Yoga heals you from within which no medicine can claim to do in the world. Though you might have taken up yoga therapy for a disease or ailment it will engulf you to embrace it for life. The benefits of yoga are numerous. Yoga can be used for fitness, weight loss, disease, or relaxation. While you are on the pursuit of being disease-free; Yoga opens doors to connect and find happiness within yourself.

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