Things To Consider When Finding The Best Yoga Instructor In Bangalore

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The most serious students always check the qualifications of yoga instructors in Bangalore before enrolling in a class. They also do the same when opting for a private yoga session. They understand the importance of having experienced and knowledgeable instructor in the success of their yoga journey.

You should do the same. Don’t just walk into a yoga class without doing research on the instructor leading it. Here are some of the things that you should consider before choosing a yoga instructor in Bangalore.


Whether you are planning to join a beginner yoga class or a teacher training course, you want a class that is taught by a qualified instructor. Teachers in Yoga Alliance Schools have completed the 200-hr teacher training program—that is the most basic qualification.

Continuing education

Yoga is a continuous practice. There will always be something to explore and discover. The best yoga instructors in Bangalore strive to further their knowledge, understanding, and skills in practicing and teaching yoga. They take continuing education programs for yoga as well as relevant degrees and certifications that help them assist, guide, and mentor yoga students better. With these instructors, you can continuously learn and advance in your practice.

Student reviews

What are their students saying about their teaching style and approachability? These are some of the many things you will discover about prospective instructors when you spend some time reading testimonies and reviews about them.

First impressions

One way of finding out if the teacher is indeed the right fit for you is to attend one of his or her sessions. In yoga, there is also such thing as a teacher-learner dynamic or relationship. Every yoga teacher has a teaching style. Even if an instructor is highly qualified, he or she might not be the right mentor for you.


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