What is Kundalini yoga?

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Generating power from within is what Yoga focuses on. What if it's generated by a snake. Yes a snake within. We all are gifted with a coiled snake like energy based on the spine, at first chakra The Root chakra for more clarity. What to do with this energy? In today's time or say a busy schedule has created a barrier with our own self. Tell us about yourself? A most common question in an interview. But this question puts us on a break. Because we are not taught about our own hobbies and likes. Self awareness through this technology has gone to nill. Through yoga we can be given a chance to understand and analyse ourselves. Yoga helps to sneak and peek in inner selves. Understand the real you, good and bad, likes and dislikes. Yoga helps to gain confidence and balance the emotions too.  But how can we gain that through kundalini yoga? Kundalini yoga can be expressed as an advanced level of yoga. A coiled energy that gets off the sleep with extreme concentration and patience. It is a divine feminine energy or shakti based on all human beings. It is considered to be the part of yoga for spiritual awareness and also a new age thought.

The coiled power

The Kundalini or non active part of the body which is primarily used to awaken spiritual growth. It can also be referred to as a subtle part of the body. It is a subtle energy based on the spine. Awakening of it goes from The Root chakra to The crown chakra. This energy cannot be seen but can be felt. With research it is found that Practicing Kuṇḍalini yoga feels like spark in nerves and muscles near spine. It is a source that helps you to liberalise the soul. It makes a connection between mass and subtle. Seven chakras are like bone or a support for kundalini energy. It climbs up chakra by chakra like step by step. There are numerous poses and mantras that affect specific chakra. Meditation is all time basic for yoga. But we are aware of balance and open chakras but how kundalini yoga plays a role in it. We need to discover that. Awakening of kundalini can be achieved through focusing on meditation, breathing techniques, practicing of pranayama and asanas, chanting of mantras and even regular practice of yantra and tantra.

Kundalini + Yoga

This yoga is to activate the kundalini energy coiled in the base of the spine and travel 6 chakra and achieve the 7 crown chakra. It's main motive is to conceptualize the thought of karma and dharma - the true focus of life. It's practice is not different from other yoga, it's just that the focus points differ. This yoga can also be embraced through bhakti yoga that is devoted to divine, shakti yoga which is devoted to open the enclosed power, Raja yoga is to gain full control over mind. In today's time getting into samadis sounds like an exception. It was practiced long back in ancient times. Today it is a golden chance to get hold on your emotions and caliber. To chase your excellence instead of success. Even in Bhagwat Geeta it is said to focus on work you do without keeping a tension over results. Yoga is a direct way to open the door for humanity and eliminate being biased. It is a step of self awareness.

Reasons why to choose Kundalini Yoga

1)      Clears barriers : With the help of sound and chanting of mantras it clears the blocking from the energetic body. Positivity is attracted through a subtle body instead of mind. Kundalini Yoga brings peace through soul instead of mind and body.

2)      Avoids over thinking : In every problem we end up with over thinking. Without even trying. Practicing kundalini yoga helps to focus on the core of the problem and eliminates the feeling of insecurity and fear. Trying is must, what can be the result - yes or no.

3)      Eliminate fears : Through kundalini yoga we can look deeper into ourselves and accumulate our power and fight against our fears. Continuing with a specific thought can create small walls that are difficult to overcome. But don't forget if we can make them, we also have power to dissolve them.

4)      True motive : Serving yourself before others is what a true motive of a human being. Being comfortable and confident with ourselves is what is our prime. But by the time new people come into our life's we start fulfilling their needs or expectations by keeping ourselves secondary. Why?  Were you born to satisfy them? No right. This is what kundalini helps us to discover. A true motive of your birth.

5)      Strength internal and external : Regular practice of kundalini yoga helps to develop the core essence of yourselves. Feeling lethargic leads to piling up of the problems instead of solving them. What we feel inside gives a reaction outside. So when your interself is satisfied it gives the satisfaction reaction externally also.

6)      Journey of prosperity : Through kundalini yoga we are in connection with cosmos energy. This helps to work through the heart. It leads to the aim of prosperity. Through this we are able to feel and see goodness in every organism - even in negativity.

7)      Power of intuition : We generally back out from trying due to the gut feeling or intuition. But how can we change the knob from negative intuition to positive intuition? That is in our hands by focusing and working on the present. Because that is all we have in our hands. Past is gone and the future is yet to come.

Practicing kundalini yoga helps in healing wounded aura. Aura is the energy surrounding the physical body. Ever experienced that some places or people give good vibes and some give negative vibes. These vibes are like nets that have been created through the thought and perspective you have. So for giving and taking good vibes it's important to dive deeper into yourself, analyse and purify your thoughts by practising and awakening your coiled energy.

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