What Makes Hampi Among The Best Choice For Yoga Retreats?

Best Yoga Teacher training course in the Indian Yoga School

Want to join yoga retreats? Try enrolling in a Hampi yoga class. Hampi is one of the famous yoga destinations in India. Coming here is a life-changing experience that detaches you from the world and allows you to connect with your true self.

Home to UNESCO Heritage Centre

Hampi yoga classes are some of the best options for students who want to go deeper into their practice while exploring world-famous architectural wonders. You’ll enjoy learning and practicing asanas in a nurturing and peaceful environment. During your breaks, you can explore the ancient ruins of the medieval Hindu kingdom of Vijaynagar, among many other attractions.

Provides a great ambience for ancient yoga studies

Learning the philosophies and history of yoga becomes much more interesting because you are the very place where yoga originated. If you wish to develop a deeper understanding of yoga’s rich history, then there’s no place like Hampi.

Some of the best yoga school in India are here

The reason why Hampi has become a hot pot for major yogic activities is because of the presence of yoga schools. Beginner to advanced yoga students travel all the way from Mumbai and other parts of the world to take Hampi yoga retreats and classes. Internationally-recognized schools offer various yoga courses such as 200-hr teacher training course and children yoga teacher training. Moreover, they also have corporate yoga classes and private sessions.

Since many schools are offering yoga retreats in Hampi, choosing the right one can be tricky. Do take time to do some research before you go. This is especially important if you are coming from a faraway city. You don’t want to waste your money on a school or course that won’t meet your expectation. Before signing up, study the curriculum and inclusions very well. Find out the schedule of your everyday lessons and activities as well as the accommodation arrangements.

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