Why become a yoga teacher from India?

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Yoga has been a sentient practice which has been carried out by many people to attain their true self and total awareness. Yoga practice was initially originated in Ancient India from over 10000 years ago by combined efforts of multiple Rishis and yogis who used their intense knowledge of spirituality and science to develop it. Thus learning it and perfecting it requires takes years of practice and dedication.

Yoga is a combination of various elements that combine to form the individual's conscience. We might be able to learn from several tutorials and video clips available or practice it on our own, but to utilize its full potential and without getting injured in the process, a certified Yoga teacher is a must. Yoga, if not appropriately done, just like any other exercise, can cause injury as well. Hence, with the increasing demand for Yoga teacher's many have chosen the path to become a full-time yoga practitioner and a teacher to guide others in the way of a healthy and fulfilling life.

A yoga teacher is not someone who guides the students through Asanas. They play a vital role in teaching the students how to meditate, control the breathing patterns in the system, channeling the energy through the body, and helping them feel the nature around them. These are the key factors that can differentiate an average yoga teacher who emphasizes the physical aspect of yoga and a maestro Yogi who covers all the elements and perks of yoga to guide their Student's path.

So as it is said to become the best yourself, you need the best teacher and where else it can be other than the place where it was originated from!!!! Yes, India is the best place to get the certification for becoming a Yoga Teacher!

There are many reasons to choose India to be your choice to get the Yoga certification. A few of them will be listed below to enlighten you: Why should India be your choice?

  1. India is the birthplace of yoga where it originated from and gained its different forms by years of research and development from the Rishi's( Saints) who were supposed to have the knowledge of all the spiritual, cosmological and physical being and used their experiences to perfect the art of Yoga
  2. The authentic experience of yoga can only be found in India. You can choose from different types of yoga to pursue like Hatha Yoga, Astanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, etc. Which has been perfected and mastered by the Gurus here who have practiced it for so many years and to its true essence?
  3. All the essential writings and scripts of yoga were written in Sanskrit and Prakrit. In India, the yoga teachers are taught the basics of these languages to understand the texts more accurately and gaining a better grip on the subject.
  4. In India, even though there are several Yoga schools available, there are special hubs or cities which live and breathe. The best places to learn yoga and get its certification in India are Rishikesh, Varkala, and Mysore. These are considered to be an excellent place to understand and learn yoga and are deemed to be Yoga capitals.
  5. The yoga schools in these places (Rishikesh, Varkala, Mysore) have registered with Yoga alliance from USA, UK, Australia, and provide International Certification of Yoga at a very affordable price and high value. With very minimal but adequate no. Of hours the students here gain perfection in the art and get ready to become a teacher themselves as they are devoted to yoga completely for these few days without any hindrance from the outside world.
  6. The Yoga Ashrams in India, along with nature's beauty around these areas, give the blooming Teachers their lifetime experience of learning their true selves. A Yogi can teach others only if he knows what it feels like to be Yogi; this concept is followed very passionately in these places. When you breathe, sleep, and live around the area surrounded by yoga's essence, it is bound to help in becoming an excellent Yoga teacher.

Every year, the number of people searching to become a Yoga teacher with excellence and value they find their way in India to these places to understand and seek these benefits. It's never been a disappointment to anyone who has sought the truth in this place and attained the mastery they were searching for their entire lives. It's never late or early to become a part of the Yoga journey as it is a lifestyle that can be adopted at any time of your life. But the earlier you are, the more benefits you can mine out from it

Hence its time to become a Yogi with the powers of yoga to guide the world into its way of happiness.

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