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Mauritius is a beautiful and exotic location for spending your vacations. Being one of the three Mascarenes Islands, it's like a heaven with beautiful beaches, lush green forests, rich heritage, and exciting activities. Hence it's a paradise to get away from the hectic city life and enjoying the sun tan with your family.

Mauritius is very famous for its adventure sports like scuba diving, paragliding, cliff jumping, and much more. It would be the last place in the earth to be called "boring" with its mixture of heritage and welcoming citizens; hence people from any religion or culture get readily mixed up and have their fun of a lifetime.

But the fun part is still not covered yet with the increasing number of tourists coming who want something different to experience which is not related to adventure sports. Many people are searching for something relaxing, which is different from their city lives. They come to search for true peace, which can fulfill their souls and mind along with their bodies. Hence the Yoga culture is getting its exponential growth in Mauritius among the tourists who, in fact, are seeking their true self.

The increasing demand for yoga has led to vacancies available for Yoga teachers across the world in the hotels who aim to provide their customers with utmost satisfaction and Yoga schools as well are in immense popularity. This has made Mauritius a center of attraction for Yoga lovers as well as teachers.

Advantages of becoming a Yoga teacher in Mauritius

There are many advantages of becoming a Yoga teacher in Mauritius. We have made a list of these perks for your better understanding as well.

  1. The exotic forests of Mauritius are the best place to understand yoga's depths as yoga is a practice of becoming one with nature itself. The beautiful lagoons, beaches, flora, and Fauna will enchant you with the essence of yoga. Living alongside wildlife doesn't only calm your senses but also has a very positive impact on your help. Just like a home can never be compared to a school for studies the same way Yoga schools situated in nature's beauty has the edge over those which are located in cities.
  2. There are many Yoga schools set-up in Mauritius with Yogi's who have been practicing for years. They have the knowledge to teach you not just the physical but also the mental, social as week as the cosmological aspects of Yoga
  3. Yoga was found in Ancient India, where the Sanskrit language was extensively used. Yoga was written and passed on to generations in the Sanskrit language as well. This having a grip on Sanskrit will give an advantage to the ones who dont. Just like India, the schools also provide specific language training like Sanskrit and Prakrit, which have a huge help in understanding the core of yoga.
  4. The international certifications provided here can be used in any part of the world and boost your career in yoga. They have ties with Yoga alliance from different countries, thus making the certificate even more prestigious. The certification is not only proof for your qualifications but also an achievement that you have mastered the art of yoga.
  5. The Yoga teachers are proficient in various forms of yoga like Hatha Yoga, Astanga Yoga, and much more to educate you and guide you regarding the same. You can choose the one you want to master. The teachers will guide you properly through every asana, meditation mantra chanting and breathing exercises without injuring yourself in the process.
  6. The package varies according to the number of hours of practice, which can be ranging from 200,300 or even 500 hours, which you can choose accordingly with respect to your pace of learning and budget. The course itself is very affordable and value for money which is why it's a magnet to many people.

Yoga is not a routine of exercises; it's a way of life and needs to be practiced and mastered daily, which can be done with proper information and guidance. Once you have felt the calmness of being a Yogi, then it automatically sets in with your lifestyle. Yoga's health benefits are beyond charts and have been adequate to cure various conditions that not even modern science and technology could not! Being a Yoga teacher and teaching others itself is self-satisfaction, and being a Yoga teacher in Mauritius is like the cherry on the cake.

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